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Markets Education, Fun, Charity & Equity


Good Invest Group was started in 2020 – the year of C-19 pandemic and unprecedented stock market and social conditions.  The goal was simple – to provide the public with education and resources (NOT A FINANCIAL ADVICE) to help people survive these difficult times.

The GIG has a simple yet ambitious mission – to support good causes through trading … we’d like to think we are modern days Robin Hoods – helping people help themselves, minimizing financial hardship pain and maximizing happiness.  

The volatile times we live in create risks which we like to turn into opportunities.  Most of our trading is done in traditional markets – options, futures, equities in the US, although we do venture into other markets and cryptocurrencies including their derivatives.

It’s fun, friendly and hopefully profitable for years to come!

Please join us at any time…


What We Do


Education, psychology, market updates & live alerts!

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Technical Analysis, Algorithms, Charts, Options Flow

Private Lessons *

1-on-1 Trading Sessions

Educational Resources

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Supporting Charity and Building Equity

What sets us apart is how we work together for a greater good by contributing % of profits we make into good causes and coming soon building equity ownership of business ventures we fund.

% of Profits to Support Charities

% of Profits Funds Ideas and Businesses

Future Equity % to Contributors

Simple & Easy to Follow




Let’s Grow Together! 

With knowhow we share we built the future – our own, our kids, our businesses.  We give back a percentage of any profit to charities of your choice and in the future we turn ideas into businesses in which individual investors will be offered equity stake.

(415) 496-5977